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Fivizzano is a walled city in the Massa province. It's known for its Baroque fountain in the market square, donated by Cosimo de' Medici in 1470.

An interesting and often overlooked attraction in Fivizzano is the Museum of Printing, honoring Jacopo da Fivizzano who was printing books around 1470. Mussolini's typewriter is also on display at the museum.

The annual Disfida degli Arceri di terra e di Corte is an archery competition that pits rival contrade or neighborhoods against each other in a test of archery skill. The competition is proceeded by a parade of the groups in medieval garb with "much pomp and circumstance, flag throwing, traditional dancing, and then archery until midnight."

If you look at a map and old engravings, you'll find that Fivizzano hasn't changed as much as you might expect over the years.

Fivizzano has a weekly market on Tuesday. Carts wind around the Medici fountain. When you've had enough shopping, head over to the Bar Ricci for a zeppole, especially if it's March 19, San Giuseppe Day in Italy.

Villa Peschigola

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Just outside Fivizzano is Villa Peschigola, a villa and Italian garden that's been around for six centuries or so. You can get married here.

Fivizzano Travel Notes

Although there is a train line through the Lunigiana, you'll want to have a car. If you don't want a car, Fivizzano has a bus station in the center of town that links with the Aulla-Lunigiana station to get you to other cities in Italy.

A good list of events in the Fivizzano area is maintained by The Watermill at Posara.

A big summer event for foodies is Fivizzano Spori. Artisan food and wine producers both local and from other regions of Italy fill the town. Don't miss the displays inside the former Augustinian Convent in the center of town. The festival takes place at the end of May.

Featured Rentals near Fivizzano

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La Cascata

New owners since I last visited, La Cascata is now being rented as an entire villa, with four bedrooms and three bathrooms. You won't believe how little this whole structure--once a tannery, then a mill--rents for!

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Another amazingly inexpensive lodging solution that includes a breathtaking view and an owner that will make you feel welcome. In the countryside southeast of Fivizzano, quiet and secure.

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Ai Torchi Vecchi

Near the village of Posaro in the Rosaro river valley, this highly rated vacation rental in an ancient mill is "the ideal place for lovers of nature and tranquility." 5 Bedrooms, bring your friends!

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